Sunday, September 17, 2017

New iOS 11 Coming Soon #MussleBytes

Get your Apple game face on!
The newest Apple iPhone and iPad operating system, iOS 11, will be released soon! There are some wonderful new features ranging from functionality and productivity to security and safety. If you haven't heard about these updates yet, get a glimpse straight from Apple - Apple iOS 11TeachThought has a nice overview of these features too - Apple Introduces New iOS 11 Changes For iPhone & iPad. This post, 11 iOS 11 Features for iPad Educators by Jonathan Wylie, Digital Learning Consultant, breaks down eleven features of iOS 11 in several short videos. He also provides a chart listing which devices will run iOS 11. So many of these new upgrades are going to be great for teachers and students. Which features are you most looking forward to using?

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Make A Difference #AppSpinner

Inspired by Bill Ferriter and George Couros
NEW Make a Difference #appspinner inspired by three insightful and thought provoking blog posts... Technology is a Tool, NOT a Learning Outcome by Bill Ferriter and Building Relationships Through the Use of Technology and The Timespan and Impact of Empowerment by George Couros.  Our ultimate goal for our kids should be to empower them to lead fulfilling lives and to make the world a better place. By focusing more on the why and how in education rather than the what, our students will be better prepared to take on whatever life may throw at them. How will you challenge your students to make a difference?

Children of ALL ages CAN do amazing things if we provide a little
guidance then step out of their way!

Photos By Bill Ferriter, The Tempered Radical

Link: Make a Difference #AppSpinner

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Friday, June 16, 2017

Pirate Treasure: Resources & Hooks #AppSpinners

The #TLAP fleet and crew have grown exponentially since my first reading of Teach Like a Pirate by Dave Burgess. You definitely should put this amazing book on your summer reading list. It is filled with inspiration, laughs, and captivating ideas to make your classroom a memorable experience for your students. And as we all know, engaging typically equals greater learning.

Twitter introduced me to "Captain" Dave Burgess and the #TLAP crew. So many crew members have been inspired to write books expanding the original pirate code. DBC, Inc books provide a wide range of inspiration and resources for all levels of educators. These educators are on fire for learning and helping fellow educators, but most importantly doing what is best for students. After reading several of these books, you will realize that you want to revisit important key points, ideas, and activities. So... why not create an app spinner for these wonderful books?! 
Via @smussle MussleBytes

Via @smussle MussleBytes

The problem is keeping up with the speed at which these new books are written and released. Teach Like a Pirate Edu Resources Part 1 and Part 2 app spinners include books I have read, but there are so many more in the pirate bookcase. Most of these books also have a Twitter hashtag (#) and chat. I included them on the app spinner for each book where applicable. 

Teach Like a Pirate includes several chapters devoted to presentational hooks to reel in your students to your lessons and content with a WOW factor. Perfect for a Hooks app spinner! Spin away with twelve of my favorite #TLAP hooks. There are more than thirty discussed in the book that will no doubt lead you to brainstorming your own unique hook ideas!

Buncee App #Booksnap

 Via @smussle MussleBytes

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